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2017 Baseball and Softball Information:


The City of Grain Valley was recently notified by the GVAA that they would no longer be administering youth, baseball and softball in Grain Valley and requested that these programs be transferred back over to the City to oversee.  The City has agreed to take over the administration of these leagues starting with the 2017 spring, season.  The GVAA has expressed a willingness to assist the City with this program in whatever capacity needed to maintain quality baseball and softball programs for the youth of Grain Valley.

Our goal is to start registrations for these two sports in early February.  In the meantime, city staff are busy acquiring bids to confirm our costs (uniforms, equipment, umpires, etc.) so that we can establish our league fees.  Staff will also be reaching out to surrounding communities to confirm our participation in inter-league play where needed and put together timelines for the registration period, coaches meetings, as well as tentative dates for starting practices and games.

Our hope is to officially be able to advertise for the youth baseball and softball leagues the week of January 29th that will include our fee structure and general league information.  We plan on starting registration sometime during the first full week in February.  Once available, residents will be able to find this information on the City’s website at as well as our online league registration site at  

The goal of both the GVAA and the City of Grain Valley is to continue to provide quality youth sports leagues in our community.  Thank you for your patience during this transition and we look forward to seeing you this spring.






The mission of the Grain Valley Athletic Association (GVAA) is to provide a safe, fun learning environment for the youth of our community. We strive to create an opportunity for kids to work together as a team toward common goals. We emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for authority figures (Commissioners, Coaches, and Game Officials). While we are not a farm system for high school sports programs, we recognize the impact we may have on those programs. Our focus is on developing good life skills through the sports of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and Cheerleading. GVAA will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of its volunteer coaches, referees, or players from any Parent, Player, or Spectator. Spectators, as well as the players and coaches, are expected to abide by the code of conduct described here at all GVAA events. While most of the adults and children in the program will abide by this code without being instructed, it is being published to protect the children, the integrity of our program, and emphasize the values of GVAA. This Code of Conduct set forth below is not intended to limit the scope or application of any laws of the State of Missouri or of the City of Grain Valley, to the extent such laws, rules or ordinances are applicable.

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